Sustainability and green packaging are things to seem to bring out the best in designers. From sport shoes to wine – here’s some fresh inspiration.

Clever little bag

Shoeboxes made of cardboard account for million tons of waste each year. With the fuseproject, Puma tried to find a way to change their boxes to reduce material and shipping cost. They came up with a smart solution: No boxes at all! In this design, the shoes are contained in a foldable cardboard wrapping, which is then held together by a fabric bag. But the packaging idea has another eco-friendly detail: Afterwards, the stylish red bag can be used as a shopping or sports bag.

Edible wrapping paper

When driving to a fast food restaurant, you are led to the building miles ahead by the food waste next to the road thrown out of the window by ruthless burger eaters. The Brazilian fast food chain Bob’s tried to solve this problem by introducing edible wrapping paper for their burgers.  This also conveys the clever marketing message that the burger is so delicious you don’t want to wait for it. The packaging says: “No need to control yourself. You can eat this burger without removing the paper”.

The Hangerpack

Designer Steve Haslip was tired of wrinkled t-shirts arriving at his door and an ever enlarging wardrobe with never enough coat hangers. So he invented a packaging design that solved both problems at the same time, the Hangerpack. But it also reduces waste: The cardboard envelope comes with instructions on how to fold it into a clothes hanger.


Grow the grass you play on

Adidas is another shoe company to approach environmental management. Designer Tia Hughes created a packaging made of recycled material for a line of football shoes. Additionally the cardboard is infused with grass seeds, allowing customers to plant it after being purchased.


Packaging as a gift

Not only can this packaging idea for wine be reused, it also becomes part of the present itself. Icon Packaging created a wooden wine case with handles that doesn’t require any additional bags. After transporting and handing over the present, the pieces can the taken apart. When you reassemble them, they form a classy wine rack. It is possible to combine multiple packaging to form a bigger wine rack.