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Pioneers of Printing: Tolbert Lanston

Pioneer of Printing: Tolbert Lanston

After already presenting great pioneers of printing such as Johannes Gutenberg and Alois Senefelder in former blog posts, our series continues with another excellent inventor of our industry: Tolbert Lanston, who developed the Monotype Machine.

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Pioneers of Printing: Alois Senefelder

Thanks to printing pioneers such as Johannes Gutenberg our industry has developed to a thriving field. Alois Senefelder is another visionary thinker in our series of printing pioneers. In this article we take you on a journey through the life of Alois Senefelder, whose invention of lithography serves as a basis for today’s reproduction technologies and offset printing.

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Pioneers of Printing: Johannes Gutenberg


Books, calendars, newspapers and tickets are an essential part of our everyday life. Therefore it is hard to believe that back in the Middle Ages only rich people could afford books. Thanks to Johannes Gutenberg‘s ground-breaking invention of letterpress printing the way for intellectual, political and religious changes was paved. Today, his invention is considered as trigger for one of the greatest revolutions in human history.

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