The term ink can cover a broad variety of different versions. It depends on the purpose, which specific type of ink fits best. Over the past year, manufacturers introduced and presented many innovations on different industry events such as drupa or The Inkjet Conference. The main concepts emerging in 2016 were water-based and UV curable inks. But it still seems quite hard to imagine non-drying inks. That is, however, exactly what MagnaColours recently made possible.

New Standards for Water-Based Inks in Textile Printing

The UK based supplier of environmentally friendly water-based inks for textiles launched its new products, which promises to let users apply several layers of ink without requiring a separate drying process and can thus be called ‘non-drying’. The ink, which is designed for screen printing, allows to print vibrant colours onto high mesh-count textiles. This helps brands achieving a unique and eye-catching finish for their textiles. MagnaPrint MD is available from UK distributors MHM and SSIS since November 2016 and comes with a shelf life of 12 months.

Earlier in 2016, the company already launched a range of environmentally friendly inks and toxin-free inks. In order to push more sustainable production methods and eliminate harmful chemicals in textiles, they even created the GNA mark for water-based inks used in textile printing, which experts assume to become the global standard within the next 12 months.

Combining High-Performance and Sustainability

Following this course, MagnaPrint ND provides a water-based high-performance and thereby sustainable alternative to inks containing formaldehyde and PVC. “Many in our industry have questioned whether water-based inks will ever match the ease of use of their PVC counterparts. Not only have we achieved this, but we’ve exceeded our own high standards, producing an ink that truly stands apart,” so Tom Abbey, Managing Director at MagnaColours.

Additionally, the manufacturer aims to challenge the field of digital printing with their invention. Do you think this is a realistic plan? Please let us know in the comment section below!