Countless new communications tools, mobile apps and technical gadgets have sprung up over the last few years but nothing has managed to replace the classic printed business card. There is still no easier way to quickly and easily exchange contact information without compatibility issues, connectivity problems or power shortages. And the business card is not going anywhere in the near future either. Businesses around the world keep coming up with ingenious new concepts for their cards. We have collected five truly outstanding examples.

Made by hand
In itself, the business card of the Canadian sommelier Mylène Poisson is pretty basic. However, a red wine stain is applied to each card by hand. Not only does this fit very well with the theme of the company but it also makes every single card truly one of a kind while still keeping a unified look. The card was designed by Studio Caserne.


Showing face
After a busy day on the show floor you can probably no longer put a face to every new name you learned. The business cards of one of Microsoft’s UK divisions elegantly address this issue by including a photograph of the card’s owner. Additionally, the unusual design by Reactor lets you easily transform the card into a tiny stand-up display to make sure you don’t forget that particular face.


A card for the kitchen
One way to make sure people keep your business card around is to give it a secondary purpose. The stainless-steel card of the Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant designed by JWT Brazil doubles as a cheese-grater. After you have purchased a nice Parmesan at Bon Vivant you can just use their business card to spread it over your pasta. The only drawback is that you have to keep it in a protective sleeve so it does shred the contents of your pocket.

Multi purpose card
The ingenious business card of bike repair company Broke Bike Alley uses a similar approach. It is also made from stainless steel and offers various practical uses. Cyclist can actually use the card to tighten or loosen bolts and spokes on their bike and even open their beer. It is basically a multi-tool that fits into your wallet. The card was designed by the Canadian studio Rethink.


The rockstar card
The business card of British musician Nick Tate created by PlasmaDesign also has a purpose beyond conveying his contact information. It features a snap out plectrum that any aspiring musician can use for himself. This should ensure they keep him in mind when strumming away.