Written cards have seen veritable competition from social media greetings via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook lately. Yet during Christmas season, people often slow down and send their good wishes with traditional printed cards in beautiful handwriting. The agency Interone and the telecommunications provider o2 have done their part to spice up the quaint tradition of writing and sending Christmas cards.

Connecting the dots between electronic and written communication, Interone and o2 have developed a Christmas greeting card that calls the sender as soon as the receiver opens it. It is, the companies claim, the first greeting card in the world that acts like a mobile phone.


The card works with a microphone, a miniature speaker, a GSM module and an integrated SD card with a preprogrammed number to which it instantly connects when the card is opened. The surprise call can start – provided the recipient is available. The companies are convinced that their concept has potential for the future of personal communications and filed for patent protection.

The Christmas calling card was introduced last year and was launched with a social media campaign that asked people to share their reasons for sending a special card to a special person. The most inspiring, original or moving stories were selected by a jury and a card was sent to the person that was deemed especially deserving. After two years in development from prototype to finished product, the card was celebrated as a success.


The o2 card won’t be available this Christmas but that doesn’t mean that the concept is going to go away. Quite the opposite. According to an Interone spokesperson, the card is available as a birthday card and several companies from different countries have inquired about ways to license the concept. O2 is reportedly working on ways to take the idea a step further. Stay tuned for another call from a printed product.

Similar to this, there is also the Omni Present, an interactive gift box that calls the sender when it is opened.