Fresh Prints Straight Out of the Pocket


Printing in private contexts becomes more and more a second choice. But sometimes you necessarily have to print out your documents mostly on a quite space consuming printer. For all of those who don’t want a big printer, just print every once in a while or people who have to print on the go, there is a new solution: ZUta Labs’ Mini Robotic Printer.

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Korean Scientists Invent Inkjet that Prints Electric Circuits and Super Caps


With printed electronics the two industries engineering and printing come together. Due to the developments in this sector we are able to print solar cells or flexible electronics. A recent invention might shake the world of printed electronics and take it one step further. The Korean battery scientist Sang-Young Lee from has now turned a normal inkjet printer into a machine that prints electronic circuits and supercapacitors (energy storing devices).

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First New Blue in 200 Years

blue pigment

Azure, cobalt, indigo or ultramarine blue: We know already hundreds of blue colors. Scientists from Oregon State University have created a new shade of blue – by accident. The blue pigment made from yttrium, indium, and manganese is called “YInMn”, which is short for the elements it comprises.

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Skin Made Out of Paper


There is a large demand for cost-efficient skin graft to cover wounds or severe injuries, e.g. after a severe burn. Scientists all over the world have made approaches to produce artificial skin. But professor Muhammad Mustafa Hussain from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has developed an artificial skin from unusual materials: Paper, aluminum foil, and sponges.

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How a 3D printed innovation wins awards for a start-up

Felix Kochbeck is a passionate snowboarder. But whenever he filmed his most thrilling moments with a small action camera, the results fell short of his expectations. There was too much camera movement, which gave the films an amateurish look. He then decided to go the do-it-yourself-route and develop a self-stabilizing handheld camera mount using 3D printing technology.

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NASA scientists take bioprinting to new heights

Conventional electronic components have some disadvantages: They add weight and have the tendency to break. While this is not a huge problem on earth, the need to bring replacement parts can add significant costs to a space mission. Dr. Lynn Rothschild from NASA is now working on a solution that uses microbes as bioink and a printer to recycle spent electronics.

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Electronic screens on paper point to the future of packaging

Successful packaging provides valuable space for brands to communicate with the consumer and to convey product information. Researchers from the University of Sheffield partnered with experts from the design and technology company Novalia to develop electronic screens for paper-based packaging that could change the way brands attract and interact with customers.

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New ink for full-scale printed electronics production

Many news stories about printed electronics have focused on breakthroughs in research labs. But the field is advancing from lab to fab, from research to manufacturing. DuPont Advanced Materials is launching a new electronic ink for inkjet printing under the name PE410 that offers the high conductivity and strong adhesion required for rapid digital design, prototyping and full-scale manufacturing.

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