Digitales Trendspotting in der Druckbranche: drupa auf dem Digitaldruck-Kongress 2017

In Kooperation mit dem Bundesverband Druck und Medien (bvdm) und seinen Landesverbänden organisierten wir den Digitaldruck-Kongresses. Am 16. Februar 2017 verwandelten wir dazu das CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf in einen Hotspot für 250 Unternehmer und Branchenexperten. In spannenden Vorträgen teilten renommierte Speaker Erfahrungen und Best Practices rund um erfolgreiche Konzepte, zukunftsfähige Strategien, clevere Investitionsentscheidungen und innovative Workflows.

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A Textile Ink That Does Not Dry

The term ink can cover a broad variety of different versions. It depends on the purpose, which specific type of ink fits best. Over the past year, manufacturers introduced and presented many innovations on different industry events such as drupa or The Inkjet Conference. The main concepts emerging in 2016 were water-based and UV curable inks. But it still seems quite hard to imagine non-drying inks. That is, however, exactly what MagnaColours recently made possible.

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When Air Pollution Becomes Ink

It is official: Delhi is the city with the world’s worst air pollution. More and more people using vehicles, the continuing growth of industrial areas and various other reasons lead to an increasing amount of smog released into the air. That is why Graviky Labs, a spin-off group of MIT Media Lab, launched Air-Ink last year. This invention converts exhausted gases into ink.

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