Future Links August 18th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers tips how print can help connect businesses and customers, managed print services as a tool to change office cultures, TNT’s new partnership with trinckle, a finishing webinar for printing professionals, the components of a secure printing strategy, a survey about date codes on packaging and a case study on how 3D printing transformed a business.

How print can help businesses connect with customers
Integrating print and digital marketing strategies is not always easy. An article in Talk Business shows successful examples of how print can help businesses connect with customers. Among the examples: Starbuck’s use of QR codes and visually intriguing flyers.
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Managed print services as a tool to change an organization’s culture
In many offices, hundreds of pages of printed material end up in the trashcan because nobody claimed them. One-sided printing and unnecessary color prints are other examples of bad printing habits. Managed print services can not only help eliminate waste but also contribute to a change in corporate culture toward less wastefulness and a more responsible use of resources.
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TNT Germany partners with trinckle to make 3D printing accessible
Trinckle 3D was founded by the Freie Universität Berlin in 2013 and has since build a stable client base of companies and individuals who use 3D printing techniques to design and innovate new products. TNT is now joining in to ensure that the 3D printed objects are delivered safely to the customers.
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Webinar on digital finishing for professionals
A webinar titled ‘Digital Finishing: The Last Mile’ aims at helping organizations to increase efficiency in the finishing process. WhatTheyThink Senior Editor Cary Sherburne will moderate the session with two panelists. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, 2nd September.
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Slideshow highlights components of a secure printing strategy
According to an article on IT Business Edge, more than three-quarters of organizations indicate that printing is critical or important to their business activities. Yet 70 % of businesses admit to experiencing one or more print-related data breaches and violations to data protection legislation. A slideshow highlights the most important protective measures businesses can take to heighten printer security.
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Date codes on packaging remain confusing to most
A recent survey by Packaging Digest showed that a large majority (91 %) of food and beverage companies print date codes on their packaging. But opinions vary greatly regarding the phrase with which the date code should be communicated. When asked which phrase was preferred to use, “Best by” won out at 59 %. Surprisingly, the next highest option was “Other” at 19 %.
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Case study: How to transform a business with 3D printing
Croft Filters, a UK-based manufacturer specializing in industrial filters, has been applying 3D printing methods for the last two years. Croft became interested in using additive manufacturing methods to provide an edge to its filter business with a new manufacturing method that could have significant energy saving benefits.
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