Future Links December 12th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers a view on 3D printed brain-inspired processors, a white paper on key trends in book publishing, insights into the physics of ink drops, Sappi’s pilot factory for nanocellulose, high-level job opportunities in the labeling industry, an export award for The Paper Cup and Future Print’s new online benchmarking tool.

3D printing may enable brain-inspired processors
Artificial intelligence skeptic Andrew Maynard always believed the hardware would limit the development of brain-inspired computers. Yet the convergence of technologies such as 3-D printing, advanced processor architectures, and nanotechnology are opening up radical new possibilities in how scientist might construct brain-inspired computers in the future.
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White paper details most important trends in book publishing
The world of book publishing is rapidly transforming as e-publishing, data collection and smaller print editions gain importance. Digital Book World (DBW), an online educational and news platform, has now published a white paper with the most important trends and ways to harness new opportunities.
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Insights into the physics of ink drops
Even though inkjet printers are common, new developments require a deep understanding of the science behind ink drops and electronics. The Institute of Printing held a seminar for industry experts and students in which insiders explained the science behind the inkjet triangle consisting of the print head, the ink formulation characteristics and the substrate.
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Sappi builds pilot factory for nanocellulose
Global pulp and paper producer Sappi has collaborated with scientists at Edinburgh Napier University to develop an efficient way to turn wood into nanocellulose. The material has many desirable qualities and is seen as a versatile material that can be used in industrial production as well as for packaging material and films.
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Direct Recruiters point to job opportunities in the label industry
According to the executive search firm Direct Recruiters, the marketplace for executive and managerial talent is highly competitive in the U.S. label converter industry. The outlook for talent is especially bright for marketing talent at the managerial or executive level.
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The Printed Cup wins export award
The Printed Cup Company produces custom-made cups for household names including BMW, DHL and Smirnoff. Lately, the company concentrated on international growth. 22 percent of the company’s sales are now overseas and The Paper Cup hopes to increase this number to 60 % in the next three years. For their efforts, the Printed Cup Company won an International Trade Award for Outstanding Export Achievement, awarded by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and UKTI.
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Future Print launches benchmarking tool
It is easy to overestimate one’s performance – that’s why benchmarking can provide an important reality check. Future print has now introduced a free online benchmarking tool for Australian businesses. Participants can anonymously compare themselves to other Australian printers on performance indicators like sales, gross profit, outsourcing, wages and other overheads as a percentage of sales, debt days, and net profit to owner. The data is anonymous.
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