Future Links July 24th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers Makerbot hiring, Doggett entering wide format, a 3D printed pelvic implant, consumers unhappy with printer call, the largest 3D printing service in China and France pushing for plain packaging of tobacco.

Makerbot is hiring
Makerbot has opened a new factory in Brooklyn and is now looking to hire about 40 new employees. The company wants to stress that the new facility is designed contrary to the old image of factory work, as dark, dangerous places. Instead, they say, it is bright, well ventilated and workers can not only assemble the products, but also contributed ways to improve the work.
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Doggett enters wide format
KW Doggett is the last of the big three paper merchants in Australia to enter the wide format market. The company now distributes Avery Dennison products including self-adhesives, rigid media, paper and boards and self-adhesive sheets for offset and screen printers. This move comes as Doggett’s competitors make significant investments in the growing market they entered last year.
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3D printed pelvic implant successful
Last year, Chinese surgeons implanted a 3D printed titanium pelvic prosthetic into a 62-year-old patient who had suffered from bone cancer. Now, South Korea is embracing the technology as well. A teenage girl with bone cancer received a personalized implant and could walk just a week after the procedure. Usually, patients receiving traditional implants take a month before they’re able to walk on their own.
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Consumers unhappy with printer calls
Poor call handling is a common annoyance for British costumers and it seem the printing industry performs the worst. In fact, fewer than one in five consumers are satisfied with the way printers handle their phone calls, according to research by PH Media Group. Especially older people are dissatisfied which suggest printing firms need to be more conscious of aging customers.
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Stratasys subsidiary opens largest 3D printing service in China
Solidscape and Kangshuo Group have partnered to open the largest 3D printing service bureau in China. The 80.000 square-foot facility in Foshan City is equipped with 100 printers and includes a 21.000 square foot assembly factory for building them.
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France pushes for plain packaging of tobacco
In 2012, Australia had adopted plain packaging for tobacco as the first country and since then registered a decline in smokers. Now, a meeting held in Paris this week marked the beginning of an international movement in favour of plain packaging, as the French Minister of Health stated.
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