Future Links March 10th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the future of bioprinting, the role of print in start-ups’ marketing mixes, a revival of letterpress typography in Toronto, print-at-home sports trophies, further details about Heidelberg’s PSG acquisition, a partnership between Conti Tech and Saueressig, Canon and Seiko’s collaboration in Australia and Iggesund’s expanded range of paperboard for digital printing.

Scientists ponder whether it will be possible to print 3D organs
Bioprinting programs have been established at universities all over the world and scientists have made great progress in printing live cells. When discussing whether it will ever be possible to print fully functioning organs, they take different approaches ranging from copying existing structures to inventing improved organs.
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Print plays prominent role in a start-up’s marketing mix
Print, argues an article in Entrepreneur magazine, should be crucial part of the marketing mix of any start-up. Printed brochures give investors and potential customers something to hold on and help build a stronger brand image.
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Letterpress typography features prominently on Toronto campus
Letterpress typography has almost become a forgotten art. But galleries and educational programs in Toronto are working on a revival. Artists see this as part of a wider trend: It’s “just he way vinyl is coming back, and embroidery, and paper installations. Physical qualities are making their way back into art and luxury goods.”
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3D Sports Media lets parents and coaches print their own trophies
Medals and trophies used to be handed out only after major championships but nowadays, they are almost expected after every minor school tournament. And they may become even more common: The company 3D Sports Media has just presented the “Youth Soccer 3D Print Bundle,” allowing coaches and parents to download and 3D print their own soccer trophies, rewards, and medals.
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Heidelberg provides further details about PSG acquisition
Shortly after Heidelberg announced its acquisition of PSG, Print Week published additional details about the expected impact on Heidelberg’s business. The company said the acquisition will result in additional sales of around 130 million Euros and that the venture marks a further milestone in its strategy of promoting stable, high-margin services and consumables business.
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Conti Tech and Saueressig Flexo work together on printed electronics
RFID tags, solar cells and sensors can already be printed using advanced processes. Now, ContiTech Elastomer Coatings and Saueressig Flexo combine their capabilities to give printers and brand owners easy entry into the printed electronics field.
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Canon and Seiko team up in Australia
Canon has entered into a partnership with Seiko Infotek and will supply, service and support the Seiko ColorPainter wide format printers in Australia. The Seiko ColorPainter printers are solvent based, and fit in the market gap between the high-end flatbed UV Ocè Arizona product and the Canon imagePrograf range.
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Iggesund expands its range of paper for digital printing
The paperboard manufacturer Iggesund is introducing the upgraded Invercote G this spring. This will compete the company’s portfolio of products for digital applications. The Invercote G is especially suitable for customers who want a clear difference between the paperboard’s two sides but who still want to be able to print on both sides.
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