Future Links May 20th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature L’Oreal’s plans to print skin, HP’s new industrial latex printers, history lessons from printing equipment manufacturers, Dell’s cloud-connected printers, Mcor’s upgraded high definition color 3D printers, the impact of pharmaceutical ID codes on packaging printing inks and a tougher high quality bioplastic that is expected to hit the market.

L’Oreal plans to test cosmetics on 3D printed skin
A few weeks back, the cosmetics company L’Oreal announced its partnership with the biotech company Organova. Now, more details have been made public. L’Oreal said the printed skin would be used in product tests.
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HP unveils new industrial latex printers
To help sign and display print service providers (PSPs) increase productivity and workflow efficiency, HP has developed new industrial latex printers. The company introduced the HP Latex 3500 and 3100 Printers, expanding its proven HP Latex Technology portfolio. HP also grew its digital corrugated offering with the HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press.
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Printing experts draws lessons from 2D printing industry
A longtime follower of the traditional printing equipment industry, Josh Hauer sees some valuable lessons that 3D printing equipment manufacturers could learn by looking at the 2D printing industry. He points out how history may repeat itself and how pitfalls can be avoided.
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Dell connects its new printers to the cloud
Dell is taking its printers to the cloud as people increasingly use smartphones and tablets to access remote documents. The new printers include the E525W color multifunction printer and three monochrome printers. The printers for consumers and small businesses will be released later this month. The F-series printers for larger commercial customers will be introduced in the coming months.
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Mcor offers high-definition color 3D printing
The Mcor Iris 3D printer already produces high-quality color 3D models, and now Mcor is offering upgraded technology that turns the IRIS into an HD printer. The objects printed with IRIS HD will have even sharper small details, 360° high-definition color and a new cutting blade that lasts longer.
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The impact of ID codes on pharmaceutical packaging ink
New European Union legislation requiring medicines to carry unique identification codes will require major improvements in the quality of the inks used in the coding of drugs on the European market. The inks will have to have a higher resolution, and above all, much greater stability than at present.
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Tougher high quality bioplastic expected to hit the market
Conventional PLA made from plant stock has been used in packaging to reduce waste but the bioplastic hasn’t shown the best performance when it comes to toughness or durability, especially in warm environments. A new bioplastic called Floreon is expected to be much tougher and easier to process than current materials and has the potential to expand the uses of bioplastics.
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