Future Links October 10th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature 3D technology for big data representation, the growing popularity of the color green, Samsung’s printer for mobile devices, new printing software for PDFs, Waitroses’s call for better recycling practices, price increases for DuPont’s Cyral products and higher recycling rates for aluminum closures.

3D printing creates new opportunities for big data representation
Researchers at MIT have developed new ways to visualize big data using 3D printing technology. They say that combining big data with 3D printing can dramatically improve the way people consume and understand data on a massive scale.
More at MIT Technology Review 

Green is the most popular color in 2014
Green may be the color of choice for successful ad campaigns this year. The online image database Shutterstock has released its first “Color Trends” info graphic based on data collected from the company’s 40 million images and 400 million all-time downloads. Demand for images in green, light blue and grey increased considerably while beige seems passé.
More at Business Insider

Samsung introduces printer for mobile devices in Nigeria
For people on the go in Nigeria, Samsung introduced the Xpress M2020W printer. The printer uses advanced NFC technology, Wi-Fi Direct, Google Cloud Print and Samsung Mobile Print App, a free app that works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
More at Techloy

New printing software for PDFs
For Reprographics firms and others who want to print PDF files in a professional environment, the new software PDF Magick may be a solution. The software offers a preview of PDF files with a high performance WYSIWYG viewer – full image, zoom, or thumbnail/edge. It also allows adjusting the sequence, orientation, alignment and paper sizes in batches or as individual PDFs with real time preview.
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UK supermarket chain calls for better recycling practices
The British supermarket chain Waitrose wants to see changes in recycling practices both at the consumer and government level. As a representative said in an interview with Packaging News at the third European Bioeconomy Stakeholders’ Conference, the central question is how to make easier for people to recycle.
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DuPont announces global Cyral price hike
DuPont Packaging Graphics is announcing price increases for DuPont Cyrel flexographic systems, including photopolymer plates and sleeves, associated equipment and consumable products. The prices may rise up to 10 percent depending on the product and become effective Nov. 3, 2014.
More at Ink World Magazine

Recycling rates for aluminum closures are up
Aluminum closures are commonly used for wine, spirits and olive oil bottles. Due to improved collection and recycling in various European countries the average aluminum closures recycling rate is now at 45 %. Aluminum recycling saves up to 95 % energy compared to its primary production.
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