Future Links October 24th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature new algorithms bringing cost and time savings, Agfa Grafics’ award winning printer, a look at how digital technology impacts wide format printing, the world’s first graphene battery, China’s R&D efforts to produce better packaging machines, a survey about mobile printing for businesses and upcoming changes in the food labeling laws.

New algorithms bring time and cost savings
Even though dramatic technological advances have been made in the last few years, 3D printing is still in its infancy. Scientists have now developed a new software algorithm that reduces printing time by up to 30 % and the quantity of support material by as much as 65 %.
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Agfa Graphics Jeti Titan wins SGIA product of the year award
The name sounds like the printer is ready to take on big challenges. And it just mastered a big one. Agfa Graphics Jeti Titan HS wide-format inkjet printing system has been selected as “Product of the Year” at the 2014 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas. Sixty-eight companies from around the world entered the competition with 139 products in 25 categories.
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A look at how digital technology changed wide format printing
In an in-depth feature, FESPA explores how wide format print evolved from screen to digital inkjet printers. It examines the consequences of the changing technology and takes a look at international standards.
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Just printed: World’s first graphene battery
Scientists has achieved a breakthrough that heralds an era in which consumers will be able to print their own power sources at home. The husband and wife team from Graphene 3D Lab in Calverton, New York, has spent more than five years working on the technology and materials.
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China strengthens R&D efforts for packaging machines
Machines that produce plastic machines for thin film and other packaging materials have largely been imported to the Chinese market. Now, several companies have increased their R&D efforts to be able to produce technologically advanced machines.
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Survey: Only 17 % of businesses use mobile printing
While more than 90 % of consumers want to be able to print from their smartphones or tablets, businesses are clearly lagging behind. Only 17 % have printed from their mobile devices at their job site, according to a recent survey. The reason may not be a lack of technology but preference: 63 % of business users and IT managers think of mobile printing as an unimportant option.
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Changes ahead for food labeling laws
Several countries are considering changes in their food labeling laws to inform consumers in a more comprehensive way about ingredients and allergens. Packaging Europe looks at several of the proposed changes and their consequences in different legislations in a feature article.
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