Future Links October 31st 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers more details about HP’s 3D printing strategy, a continued capacity crunch for web offset printers in the UK, Autodesk’s new fund for 3D printing, an innovative T-shirt printer, one million different Diet Coke bottles in Israel, the upcoming Pira packaging summit and a unique restaurant campaign featuring narratives on paper cups.

HP’s 3D strategy takes shape
After yesterday’s announcement, experts have further analyzed Hewlett-Packards foray into the 3D-printing space. While HP’s industrial 3D printer won’t be available until 2016, a 3D-scanner and a new PC will come out next months. The Techrepublic has summarized the most important 7 points of the new strategy and their implications.
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Capacity crunch for British web offset printers continues
The pressure on UK web offset capacity may continue until Christmas, according to some experts. The changes in the industry that have led to this squeeze on UK web offset capacity have been noticed too late by some printers.
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Autodesk establishes 100 million USD fund for 3D companies
Autodesk really wants to see the 3D printing industry grow – fast. And believes a little financial boost could help. The company set up a 100 million USD Spark Investment Fund for both software and hardware companies that really bring innovation to the space.
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T-shirt maker raises 4.25 million USD in venture funding
Printing T-shirts is not exactly a technological breakthrough yet the founders of Print Syndicate believe their unique business model will bring them great success. They want to scout social media for messages and phrases that will be printed on t-shirts just in time. The founders hope the messages and corresponding T-shirt sales will go viral.
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Diet Coke bottles feature one million unique designs in Israel
“Stay extraordinary” is the message behind the new Diet Coke marketing campaign in Israel that brings one million bottles, each with a unique design, to the store shelves. The HP Indigo, which was already successfully used for the “Share A Coke” campaign, used a special algorithm that allowed millions of designs to be completely auto-generated.
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Experts discuss the new world of packaging at Pira Packaging Summit
The summit will take place from November 11-12, 2014 in London and will feature topics such as how the internet of things will influence packaging and whether packaging of the future will just be a picture on a screen.
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Chipotle cups are full of stories
Curated by acclaimed author Jonathan Safran Foer, authors and illustrators have created a series of narratives and visual stories that adorn the paper cups of the Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle. Among the authors are Michael Lewis, Toni Morrison and Malcom Gladwell.
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