Future Links September 26th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature 3D printing becoming reality in China, Print services transformation in North America, 3D filament development, GE researching AM in West Chester, Appvion’s new treated high-speed inkjet paper, reasons why print buyers should attend trade shows and 3D printing sand with the sun.

3D printing makes inroads in China
Although being revolutionary, some fields of 3D printing still seem quite experimental and maturing. But the hype is changing into reality for China. This year, 3D-printed models will be used to coordinate elaborate flower displays on Tian’anmen Square for National Day celebrations for the first time. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry will create prototypes to assist in visualizing intricate floral arrangements.
More at China Daily

Print services transformation in North America
InfoTrends has published a new study called “Production Print Services in North America: Understanding Industry Transformation”. Study results were among others that the print service providers that grew 10 % or more attributed the highest share of their revenues to value-added services.
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3D filament development
Recently, the industry has seen an influx in new material options with filament manufacturers realizing that people desire variety. There are nylon filaments that can bend and filaments that look and feel like real. Keytech Solutions as well has been working on unique and relatively unheard of products. One option for example takes two different color filaments and attaches them together. When melted and extruded the they mix together creating a new color combination.
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GE researches AM in West Chester
GE Aviation has announced that it will open an Additive Development Center in Butler County. There, the jet engine maker will conduct cutting-edge research into advanced manufacturing technologies. Assembling 3D activities under one roof is a more efficient way to operate with the engineering teams as they evaluate components, according to the company.
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Appvion introduces treated high-speed inkjet paper
Appvion Inc. has announced a treated high-speed inkjet paper as the latest addition to its portfolio of specialty papers that includesproducts in the carbonless, thermal and security segments. The paper is engineered and manufactured specifically for web-based inkjet printing and has been qualified on key original equipment manufacturers‘ presses including Canon-Oce, Ricoh and Screen.
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Why print buyers should attend trade shows
Each month, Deborah Corn from PrintMediaCentr representing the USA and Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships for the UK formulate a topic question on the printing industry and both write posts in response. This round of duel deals with the topic “Five Reasons Why Print Buyers Should Attend Industry Trade Shows”.
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3D printing sand with the sun
Artist Markus Kayser created a concept called the “SolarSinter” that works similar to laser sintering printers used by operations like SpaceX to print otherwise impossible objects out of metal. Instead, he uses a focused sun beam which is of course a whole lot less precise than a finely-honed laser.
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