Links November 11th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature HP’s 3D and 4D printing innovation center in Spain, DuPont and EFI Reggiani’s digital textile ink, Epson’s plans for manufacturing 3D printers, a circuit board printer winning the Dyson award, the promise of compostable packaging, British newspapers embracing the Blippar app and new on the drupa blog: Packaging that blushes when touched.

HP opens 3D and 4D printing innovation center in Spain
Hewlett-Packard is investing in Europe to drive its 3D printing ambitions forward. The company has opened an R&D center in León, Spain, which, in collaboration with their global headquarters in Greater Barcelona, will focus on new technologies and innovative materials. The center is expected to provide work for hundreds of skilled employees.
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DuPont and EFI Reggiani introduce new digital textile pigment ink
DuPont and EFI Reggiani are collaborating to bring a new digital textile pigment ink to the market. The ink, called Artistri(R) PK2600, was developed primarily for cotton textile roll-to-roll printing and shows performance comparable to reactive ink results. The ink is also said to work well on a number of fabrics that cannot be printed with reactive inks including polyesters, viscose, cotton/polyester blends and non-woven materials.
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Epson will focus on 3D printers that can be used in mass manufacturing
Seiko Epson’s Global President, Minoru Usui, spoke in India about the future of Epson’s business. One area that the company wants to focus on is 3D printing. Usui said that Epson will have developed 3D printing technology for the mass manufacturing market in four to five years.
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Laptop-sized circuit board printer wins Dyson award
The Voltera V-One, a machine that can print prototype circuit boards in minutes, has won the James Dyson Award for 2015. The printer was invented by four engineering students from the University of Waterloo in Canada and has already been successful on Kickstarter. It uses conductive and insulating inks to create two-layer printed circuit boards, and is also capable of dispensing solder to attach individual components to the boards.
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Compostable packaging is promising but still needs work
Many experts agree that compostable packaging has great potential. Yet there are still a number of obstacles that need to be overcome before the sustainable wrappings will make a significant contribution to overall waste reduction. One issue that needs to be addressed is contamination of compostable food containers, others are clear policies and outreach and education.
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British newspapers connect with Blippar smartphone app
Nine British newspapers have added augmented reality to their mastheads in a fundraising link-up between them, The Royal British Legion and Blippar. Readers can scan the Legion’s iconic poppy with Blippar app on their smartphones, which then offers access to pictures and videos of service men and women and stories of war, as well as encouraging people to donate to the Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal.
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New on the drupa blog: Packaging blushes when touched
Ideally, packaging engages the senses and creates an emotional bond with the customer. But what if the packaging itself displays physical signs of emotions? That’s exactly what the packaging developed by the Russian designer Stas Neretin does.
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