Printed textiles on demand

Google asked for T-shirts with 11 different printed characters featured in its Androidify campaign. Time to delivery: 2 hours. Garment Printing, an industry leader in personalized and customized clothing, took on the challenge. Their use of digital textile printers reflects a growing trend within the industry.

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Color-changing inks for money and fashion

Inks that adapt to their environment are not the stuff of science fiction anymore. Thermochromic inks, sensing inks and inks that react to changes in CO2-concentration are being invented by scientists around the world. Two recent examples of this new field are color-changing textile inks by designer Lauren Bowker and humidity-sensing inks perfected by a team of Chinese scientists.

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Magazine ad seamlessly connects to Facebook

Print advertising? Social media? Why choose one when you can have both? This is the proposition that agency DM9DDB made to the fashion store chain C&A. The agency wanted to bridge the gap between social media and traditional print advertising. It created a magazine ad with a working “Like” button that connects directly to Facebook.

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