Future Links January 6th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Voxel8’s partnership with Autodesk, tips for solving common screen-printing issues, Clearwater’s sale of five paper mills, an assessment of 3D stocks, Tyler Packaging’s new printing machine and Harvard scientists who are printing ultra-thin layers of semiconductors.

Voxel8 partners with Autodesk for printed electronics
There are only so many plastic gadgets one can produce before the shelves are stuffed and 3D printing loses its appeal. Printing electronics is a different story and that is why Vortex8 and Autodesk are working together on a 3D printer that uses PLA and conductive silver ink with the ProjectWire software.
More at Venture Beat

Solving common screen-printing issues
Poor maintenance, the work kind of ink or mesh in less than mint condition can all affect the quality of screen-prints. Since lower quality and mistakes lead to increases in costs, an article on FESPA focuses on how to spot common mistakes and achieve higher quality in screen-printing.
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Clearwater Paper sells specialty product business to Dunn
For an undisclosed amount, Clearwater Paper has sold five tissue mills in the U.S. and Canada to Dunn Paper. Dunn Paper produces wax base paper, uncoated, single and double coated and metallized papers for flexible packaging, food packaging, bags and labels.
More at EUWID Pulp and Paper

3D stocks are not a sure bet
The market for 3D printing is definitely increasing: The annual market for 3D printers is expected to grow from 1 billion USD to 7 billion USD by 2025, according to IDTechEX. And that will be eclipsed by growth in demand for 3D printing materials. However, the stocks are still volatile and competition is so fierce that it is hard to identify clear winners.
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Tyler Packaging expands printing capacities
A specialist supplier of flexible packaging to a range of industries, including human food, pet food and garden products, Tyler Packaging has increased its production capacity through the acquisition of a new pouch-making machine. The machine is a new FD-60DLLSC Totani model, which will be installed in 2015.
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Scientists print ultra-thin layers of semiconductors
Researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are developing a technique that coats a metallic object with an extremely thin layer of semiconductor, just a few nanometers thick. Although the semiconductor is a steely gray color, the object ends up shining in vibrant hues. The effect is similar to the iridescent rainbows that are visible when oil floats on water.
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