Future Links January 7th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a 3D printer using 2D paper, how to track print ads, 3D printed JetPack components, six packaging trends for 2016, WhiteClouds to acquire 3DPlusMe, the sizeable, growing market for packaging workflow software and AR Metallizing’s expansion in Brazil.

3D printer uses office paper instead of plastic filament
Paper has some remarkable properties: Being strong when layered up is one of them. Mcor Technologies uses this fact for a 3D printer that uses ordinary office paper instead of filament to create 3D printed objects. The desktop 3D printer Arke is a ‘Best of Innovation Awards Honoree’ at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in the 3D printing product category.
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How to track the impact of print ads with Google Analytics
One advantage of digital advertising over print is the fact that the impact of digital advertising is much easier to measure. But with a little bit of effort, the results of a print campaign can also be analyzed online. One way of doing so is by using vanity URLs for a specific campaign, another involves using Google’s UTM builder.
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Companies team up to develop 3D printed JetPack parts
The number of products that are manufactured with the help of 3D printing is constantly increasing. Now, even JetPacks, the personal flying devices with science fiction appeal, use the technology. Airwolf 3D and JetPack Aviation have joined forces to create a number 3D-printed JetPack components. According to JetPack Aviation, a JetPack should be able to handle vertical take-off and landing, but it should also be lightweight and compact. The JetPack that the team has created is small enough to fit into the trunk of a car and can carry the pilot thousands of feet into the air.
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Six packaging trends for 2016
Packaging will continue to play a major role in defining a brand’s identity and in connecting with customers. Research firm Mintel has identified six major trends for 2016. They include personalization to go with enhanced mobile capability, more concise on-pack information, and further refinement of green products. ‘Show me, but not too much’ also seems to be a promising motto.
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3D printing service provider WhiteClouds to acquire 3DPlusMe
Full color 3D printing service provider is expanding into new markets. The company announced its plans purchase the company 3DPlusMe. 3DPlusMe is known for 3D printed kiosks popping up in retail stores in the U.S. 3DplusMe has ongoing licensing deals with some of the largest video game, entertainment and sports brands in the industry, and they are one of the largest suppliers of 3D printed merchandise to consumers in the country.
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Workflow software for packaging production continues to grow
Workflow software for packaging production may not have received a lot of attention but it is a growing and dynamic market. According to a new InfoTrends study titled ‘The Future of Digital Packaging Workflows’, global sales of workflow software for packaging topped 1 billion USD worldwide in 2015, and that total is climbing steadily in all regions.
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AR Metallizing expands with acquisition in Brazil
AR Metallizing has acquired Brazil’s Málaga Produtos Metalizados as it seeks to increase its presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for labeling and packaging. Málaga Produtos Metalizados is a manufacturer of labeling products in Brazil, and is said to be the number one player in the Brazilian metallized paper market. With the expansion in Brazil, AR Metallizing and Nissha Group will increase its presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for labeling and packaging, as well as ensuring a solid and reliable supply chain for current and future customers in Latin America.
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