Future Links November 5th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Epson’s new super-light mobile printer, letterpress printing in the digital age, the economics of 3D printing, an online printing marketplace, Stratasys plans to introduce a new series of printers, the top three additives in plastic packaging, Spotify’s attempts to get boxed-in and cost-saving for printers through increased energy efficieny.

Epson introduces extremely light, small mobile printer
Mobile devices have become commonplace in many professional environments, be it retail, hospitality or office work. Yet very few printing solutions really addressed the need to print from small devices. Epson now introduced the portable, wireless Workforce WF-100, which it claims to be the world’s smallest, lightest, mobile printer.
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Letterpress printer embraces symbols of the digital age
Some people like things done the old-fashioned way and order their stationary or greeting cards from a letterpress printer. Letterpress printing has been around since the time of Gutenberg but that doesn’t mean that there is no room for innovation. A Wall Street Journal article shows how a letterpress printer adapts to the digital age with the “@”-symbol and hashtag.
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A close look at the economics of 3D printing
Forbes contributor Bill Conerly looks at the costs, benefits and opportunities of 3D printing compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Production surprises, mass customization and non-standard parts are areas where great opportunities may be found.
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Keen launches online marketplace for local printers
Whether customers want brochures, T-Shirts, flyers or other promotional material, they should be able to find a printer locally at a good price. That is the idea behind PrintMo, an online marketplace launched by Keen. PrintMo is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area and is still in beta.
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Stratasys introduces 11 new 3D printers
The 3D printer space is heating up. Just a few days after HP announced that its industrial 3D printer will be available in 2016, Stratasys came out with its plan plans to launch a new range of 3D printers and materials, including new tools for food processing and the medical device industry.
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Analysts examine top three additives in plastic packaging
Analysts from the research firm Smithers Pira have identified the top three additives in the plastic packaging market: oxygen scavengers, UV stabilizers and antistatic additives. The research with much more detail is available in the new report “The  Future of Functional Additives and Barrier Coatings for Plastic Packaging to 2018”.
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Spotify wants to think inside the box
The digital streaming music provider Spotify wanted to establish a physical presence and asked design students at the Berghs School of Communication to develop an innovative packaging solution. The design challenge was part of the SPICE (Sustainable Packaging & Innovation Communication Event) competition, which is supported by the packaging company BillerudKorsnäs.
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Energy efficiency is a hot topic for printers
The Mauser-Kaiser engineering office in Aschheim, Germany, advises companies in the printing industry on technical and business matters. Their strong focus is on energy efficiency, where one of the owners, Christian Kaiser, sees great savings potential for printing businesses.
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