Future Links October 23rd

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers a large-scale 3D printed sculpture unveiled in Portugal, 3D printing and IP law, a database to reduce packaging waste, Inca Digital’s new Onset X series, market research about the label market in Asia, multicolor 3D printing for packaging prototypes, Favini’s paper made with leather by-products and new on the drupa blog: Ooho, the edible bottle.

What role will copyright protection play in 3D printing?
An article on 3D Print explores the role of intellectual property in the age of 3D printing. The article draws on the knowledge of IP lawyer John Hornick who laid out a rather bleak vision for proponents of stronger protections for trademarks, patents and copyrights.
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NEA launches database to help reduce packaging waste
The National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore has launched a database that allows companies to compare the packaging weight of their products against those of similar products sold in Singapore. The database, which can be found on NEA’s website, was launched at the 3R Packaging Awards ceremony. At the event, 16 organizations including Nestle, Tetra Pak and Sunfresh Singapore were recognized for efforts to reduce packaging waste.
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Inca Digital introduces new Onset X series
Inca Digital has launched the new Inca Onset X series of large-format, flatbed UV inkjet printers, sold exclusively by Fujifilm. Each Onset X printer is based on a new common scalable architecture platform which features a larger 25-zone vacuum table and UV control system to eliminate masking, and – uniquely among high-end large-format flatbed printers – a carriage that can incorporate up to 14 ink channels.
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New report focuses on label market developments in Asia
The Asian label and product decoration market, and the parallel release liner market, are the subject of two new surveys this year from AWA Alexander Watson Associates.  The developing profile of this major regional market is a current major focus around the world, as third quarter Chinese market growth, at 6.9 %, continues to slow.
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Multicolor 3D printing useful for packaging prototypes
Most packaging prototypes created on 3D printers are decorated in a secondary process, usually by adding a label after the fact. But printing in multiple colors can simplify this process and the technology to do so is already available.
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Favini introduces paper made from leather by-product
The list of materials used in paper production is growing. Newest example: Papermaker Favini has launched a new paper made partly from leather-making leftovers. The new paper, called Remake, using 25 % by-product from the leather goods industry, 30 % FSC-certified post-consumption recycled cellulose, and 45 percent FSC-certified virgin cellulose fiber.
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New on the drupa blog: Ooho, the edible bottle
Plastic water bottles have become almost ubiquitous, adding to a growing waste problem. Three young designers from the design firm Skipping Rocks Lab developed a water bottle that can either be eaten or thrown into the compost bin after use.
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