Coloring book for adults proves a big hit
This is a rare occurrence for books: The first edition of more than 225,000 copies of a coloring book for adults by Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford sold out within the first week. Now, 250,000 copies are reprinted. The first book by Basford sold more than a million copies.
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Microsoft, HP and others are working on new 3D printing file format
A consortium consisting of HP, Microsoft and other industry giants is working on ways to gain a stronger foothold in the 3D printing market. Microsoft will reveal a brand new file format specifically for 3D printing, the company announced.
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Australian team prints 4D structures
While there is still plenty of research to do in 3D printing, some scientists are already a step further and are working on 4D structures, which are basically 3D elements that change their shape and characteristics when exposed to external influences such as heat or humidity. For 4D printers, an Australian team chose tough hydrogels which can morph their characteristics.
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Sinterit will offer affordable SLS 3D printer
Sinterit is working on a low-cost SLS machine that will be available to customers for around 5000 USD. Since low-cost SLS printers present a host of challenges, the team is still finalizing the development. They hope to have the printer market-ready by the end of the year.
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Pantone to release first character-branded color
This could be a move that marketing experts all over the world will pay attention to: Color standardization company Pantone has announced it will release its first-ever character-branded color later this year. The official new Pantone color, Minion Yellow, comes from the cartoon characters in the Despicable Me movies.
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Packaging needs to balance brand identity and customization
The challenge is not an easy one to solve: How can a brand offer customized packaging, recognizing the diverse personalities and preferences of its customers while maintaining a strong brand identity? An article discusses ways to approach this conundrum and provides helpful insights.
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