3D Hubs make printing more affordable
While we have seen prices fall consistently for 3D printers for home and hobbyists, 3D printers for early prototyping are still an investment that many companies are reluctant to make because they are uncertain of the returns. The Amsterdam-based company 3D Hubs set out to change this: It created a network of 3D printers that technicians can use during idle hours. So far, the network consists of more than 10,000 connected 3D printers.
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Outsourcing a viable option for printing businesses
In an in-depth article, FESPA discusses the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing – and why outsourcing has gained a less-than-stellar reputation in the past. According to FESPA and several studies, typical pitfalls can be avoided when companies stick to good business practices as those laid out in the ISO norm 37500.
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KBA affirms its commitment to future areas of focus
KBA will focus more on digital printing, packaging printing, flexographic and specialty printing, among others, going forward. The company stated its intend before but reaffirmed it at an event in Asia where it also named key executives for this region. This is especially important since China is the most important single market for KBA.
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Packaging for health-products attracts attention at CES
Granted, the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas is all about new gadget. But several companies demonstrated that great, functional packaging can also attract attention. One example is the packaging for the activity and sleep tracker Misfit Shine that supports the product’s sleek and fashionable appearance and conveys information in 51 languages.
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Youthful growth characterizes digital print
The growth-stadium of digital printing can be compared with adolescence, writes NarrowWebTech in an entertaining and informative article. While digital printing is going through a growth spurt, it is in no hurry to mature but rather wants to keep changing things for a while.
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Sustainable packaging major trend for Millennials
Millennials, people aged between 15 and 35, spend approximately 600 billion USD annually. Results show that total is expected to rise to 1.4 trillion USD in the next six years. Reason enough to listen to their preferences and desires. One of their wishes is for recyclable and sustainable packaging and greater transparency across the packaging supply chain.
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Vulcan labeller offers speedy label printing
Coding specialist Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE) says its recently-launched Vulcan print and apply labeller can help pharmaceutical companies meet the track and trace requirements of the forthcoming EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). The company says that the printer can be incorporated into existing case packers for easy retrofitting onto the packing line and offers three times the speed of comparable machines.
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