Print start-up in Brazil a success
Successful investing in Brazil has proven to be a challenge for many foreign financiers. Yet Printi, a start-up run by two German-born and U.S.-educated entrepreneurs, has shown that it is possible to grow and gain market share with a good business and a strong customer focus. Printi, an online printing services company, supplies paper products such as catalogues, carton packaging and business cards to corporate customers. Now, the U.S. company Vistaprint acquired a significant minority stake for 25 million USD.
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Irongate’s personalized printing business grows
Irongate was an early adopter in the personalized printing business and offered photo printing on product packages before many of its competitors had caught on. Now, the U.K. company is investing in additional digital print firepower from Xerox to expand its personalized product range.
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3D printing offers hope for children with facial deformities
A team of doctors at University College London has developed a technology that can help children who are born with birth defects that leave one ear underdeveloped. The scientists discovered that the structure of the ear can be printed using a biological ‘ink’ which builds the shape of the organ. The clinical trials are about to start.
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Case study: Standout packaging for healthier chips
A product can have all the right attributes and still remain unnoticed on the supermarket shelves. Take Sunbite chips. The snack has less fat than regular chips and wholegrain ingredients. Still, the chips were a slow seller. It took a change in packaging that heightened brand awareness to increase sales.
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The dark side of 3D printing
A crime ring has used 3D printers to manufacture fake plastic card slot bezels to be installed on ATMs and to manipulate POS terminals. The criminals were active in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey before they were arrested by Spanish and Bulgarian authorities collaborating with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre.
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Klöckner Pentaplast and Free Think form marketing alliance
The two companies join forces to create a unique laboratory-based service for drug product packaging optimization. They offer accelerated product launch readiness as well as increased accuracy in stability testing and significant cost savings.
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Steps to decrease environmental impact of sleeve labels
The Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) has published the latest report of the Sleeve Label Working Group on how to reduce the environmental impact of sleeve labels. Sleeve labels can contaminate the material from recycled PET bottles. Therefore, APR Working Goup has now identified several steps label manufacturers can take to mitigate the impact.
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