HP develops glass printer
HP will release its first 3D printer in October. But plastic doesn’t seem to enough. A Lab’s paper says that the company’s research into printing of inorganic materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass. This is because with 90 % of the earth’s crust composed of silicate minerals, there will be no shortage of silica resources and furthermore, glass is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.
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Economic growth sector 3D in Korea
It might not be a big surprise that like in many countries, 3D printing technology is booming in South Korea as well. However, recently, officials from the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning, and from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy have revealed more about the state’s 3D strategy. In fact, the South Korean government intends to make the domestic 3D printing industry an economic growth sector and a source for jobs.
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High speed inkjet papers
Users of the industry’s first high speed inkjet presses found that initial paper options for the technology were somewhat limited, according to digital printer. In this article, they took a look at different companies to find out what the latest state of play is.
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Initiative Online Print growing
Vistaprint has joined the Initiative Online Print (IOP) on its annual general meeting. With the admission of the Longo Group the association also enters the Italian market. This article is in German.
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Graph Expo 2014 Preview
Yesterday, this years Graph Expo started in Chicago as one of the major wide-format print events in the US. Rob Fletcher has taken a look ahead to this year’s edition Expo to find out what to expect from the popular exhibition.
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Green pulp and paper
Phil Lawrence from ProPrint has been finishing off his part of the judging for the international Pulp and Paper Industry environmental awards that will be presented later this year. One statement that he can conclude from the awards entries is that few industries can compete with the environmental performance of pulp and paper companies.
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New international AM award
The Association For Manufacturing Technology and the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) have announced a partnership to present the International Additive Manufacturing Award annually, beginning in 2015.  The award will recognize innovations in additive manufacturing for industrial applications including developments in the design of systems or major components, advances in processes or materials, new applications, data generation or measurement. The winner will receive a 20.000 USD cash prize and a media package valued at 80.000 USD to promote the winning development.
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