Guest article by Rainer Kirschke, Business Manager Mobile Publishing at Agfa

Good content makes the world go round, we can all agree to that. But what constitutes good content when it comes to published content?

Social messages are incredibly volatile and get discarded almost immediately. Anything online can be edited or deleted at the click of a button. But printed content gets written, proofread, edited, put in a graphics design, preflighted and eventually actually printed. Whether offset or digital print, the sheer technology adds extra value to the content a publisher wants to disseminate.

That kind of intensive process before (and after – consider the finishing techniques) makes print incredibly valuable. Why not try to make the most of that?

Eversify comes from a proud print heritage at Agfa Graphics. Mastering the various elements involved in the printing process, it seemed only natural to take it one step further and also have printed content claim its spot in the digital and mobile world.

We see mobile publishing as an extended channel next to analogue and digital printing; it provides publishers, print shops and in-house communication departments the opportunity to reach out to readers/end-users on a digital and mobile level. By repurposing – or rechanneling, if you will – the printed content, publishers can now interact with their readers in a mobile way as well. And get more interactive with them.

Imagine a printed piece sticks around in the reader’s head. When they come across it in the app or the digital or mobile version, they might accredit it with the actual like/love it deserves. Extra accreditation for the author who’d written it after a full length interview, ploughing through PDFs of research and balancing the delicate process that is approval.

And let’s not forget copyright. Your content is yours, you should claim it in the digital/mobile world as well, instead of having others publishing your content without accrediting you.

Taking charge of your content, one word at a time. Publish what you want, where you want and how you want it. Claim it (back).

In our book (or phone, tablet, or fablet even) we aim for the #printdigital symbiosis.

What’s your take on this?

We’re running an informal survey on this topic and would love to hear from you. It’s a basic and simple questionnaire. 3 pages and you’re done. (no complicated or tricky questions) Every week we’re sending a drupa entrance ticket to one lucky winner. So make sure to leave your details. The gathered information will be processed in a recap article and we’ll be using it as blog material (so make sure to leave those details if you want to get accredited, we’ll be in touch! Follow the progress or share your feedback on the social channels via #printdigital.

Here is the link to the survey: