Ideally, packaging engages the senses and creates an emotional bond with the customer. But what if the packaging itself displays physical signs of emotions? What if it blushes when touched? That’s exactly what the packaging developed by the Russian designer Stas Neretin does. The nude-colored outside of the line of intimate care products turns red on touch and creates the impression of being delicate and slightly shy.


Stas Neretin developed the jars and bottles that mimic the curves of a human body for Naked Skincare products. By making them responsive to touch, Neretin has made the packaging an active participant in a normally passive exchange. He used thermochromic coating, similar to coatings used in mood rings and baby bottles. The warmth of the touch activates the color change from nude to pinkish red and gives the packaging an animated feel.


Neretin developed the concept during his studies at the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow. The students’ creativity was already challenged when they were asked to develop packaging for the freedom represented by the wind. But the next assignment was even more difficult: To develop a packaging concept for sex. Neretin designed the curved skin-colored bottles and jars but realized they were too modest to really fulfill the requirements of the assignments. He changed direction when he recognized that the packaging was better suited for personal hygiene products.


What started as a study project has received a lot of outside attention. The packaging won several awards, including gold at the pentawards and bronze at the European Design Awards (student). “I did not expect my project will appeal to all”, Neretin wrote in an email exchange. But he realizes the potential and will continue to work on interactive and reactive packaging hoping a company will take note and have him develop packaging that blushes or displays other emotions.