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The cosmetics brand Nivea and the agency FCB Brasil partnered to develop a campaign for greater peace of mind using a unique way to integrate traditional print ads with interactive mobile technology.

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Both NASA and ESA have announced different plans to use 3D printing in space that will save time, transport costs and enhance safety on missions.

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A German start-up launched the first online job-portal to address the millions of new jobs that will most likely be created in the rapidly expanding 3D printing industry.

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With ten centimeters in height, the Zuta Labs pocket printer is small enough to fit in a briefcase or a purse but still manages to print from every device with Bluetooth on any flat surface the size of the paper.

Future Links CW 12 – Green Printing Edition

This edition of our future links is all about green printing. Be it the launch of a new sustainability standard for textile printing, a new product range with health and environmental advantages or printing with cellulose, the five pillars of sustainable printing production or tips for ecologically printing in business: This week revolves around sustainable and eco-friendly solutions from the printing industry.