Despite the increase in tablets and smartphones, many people still prefer printed calendars. They are both practical and decorative as they adorn the wall or desk and let you see important dates at one glance. Here are some inspiring examples of how calendars can be much more than just office supplies.

Cryptic calendar

This project was a response to an award that asked students to design a calendar to promote Fedrigoni’s paper range. It had to be functional and sustain the users interest all year round. This design by Stuart Greer works on a system where each card contains cryptic rectangles which reveal the date when placed inside a matrix of squares on the face of the cubic container. Each day the user can pull out the date just passed, move it to the back and the next date is displayed. If a certain date is significant such as Christmas or Halloween then that is displayed on the back.


Daily matches

The idea of this calendar by Yurko Gutsulyak was to make each date an event. Alongside with this, it was important to incorporate the idea of “energy”as it is part of the name and logo of the company. Each page is a month made up of real matches that you can burn.


A gift each month

This calendar by Verlag Hermann Schmidt doesn’t only bring color to your wall in the form of large format pattern posters. Between each of the motives, there is also a sheet of wrapping paper with the same pattern, so you can tear it off without a guilty conscience and share it with your friends.



Unraveling time

Seize each day because it is gone quicker than you think. That’s the message of this creative calendar concept by Patrick Frey made from a long strip of knitted cotton fabric. You pull the string at the bottom to unravel the textile and make the current date disappear.

Burst your bubble

Is there a simpler fun than popping bubble wrap? With this calendar you can do it daily, even when you didn’t receive any packages. That way, you can haptically experience the start of a new day.