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In the recent past, we have experienced a mass of innovations coming from the printing industry: 3D printed houses, food or even bones. The printing of OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) displays with an inkjet printer might be another leap in functional printing and next-generation TVs.

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With the rise of e-commerce and a huge increase in the number of shippings sustainability is a serious factor. Millions of parcels are delivered to people around the world packed in paper, plastic boxes or envelopes. The UK based company Emailers Packaging came up with a new possibility for sustainable shipping: the paper padded envelope.

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Printing in private contexts becomes more and more a second choice. But sometimes you necessarily have to print out your documents mostly on a quite space consuming printer. For all of those who don’t want a big printer, just print every once in a while or people who have to print on the go, there is a new solution: ZUta Labs’ Mini Robotic Printer.

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Our digitalized world gives us the opportunity to save money and resources by organizing tasks on a computer. But according to a study carried out by the German Ministry of Environment Germans use about 250 kg paper per year and capita. A Chinese team of scientists has now developed a smart and resource-efficient alternative: Rewritable paper that can be printed on with water instead of ink.