As we reported a few month ago, the Food To Go sector is currently in motion. Traditional staples like the classic sandwich lose in popularity while new Hybrid Foods like the cronut (croissant + donut) or the ramen burger gain traction. Of course, packaging has to adapt to these new eating habits as well and with it the printing industry. Because if you cannot transport your food safely, chances are you are not going to enjoy it – no matter how tasty it might have been initially. We have scoured the net and found five practical and appealing examples of take-out food packaging from around the world.

Save Fries
This ingenious packing for the to-go classic French Fries from Surf’n’Fries comes from Croatia. Not only does it offer a handle for easy carrying but also two compartments for the safe storage of dipping sauces like ketchup, mayonnaise or even chocolate sauce. Additionally, a clip on module lets you also store a serving of chicken wings in case you feel more than a little peckish.


Pizza with plates
Ordering pizza is a good way to skip the hassle of cooking. However, afterwards you still have to deal with dirty dishes – especially if you had guests for dinner. The innovative Greenbox from the USA aims to save you that as well. The top of the pizza box is perorated and can be easily be torn into four serving plates. Should there be any leftovers, you can fold the bottom into a compact box to store them in the fridge.

Double-green Mexican
Nachos and Burritos are probably not what you expect from street food in the Philippines. Nevertheless, it is exactly what the Guactruck is offering. In addition to its bold menu, it also stands out with its aesthetic and eco-friendly origami food box. The foldable box is made only from cardboard and contanins enither glue nor plastic. So it’s nit only nice to look at but alos completely biodegradable.


Stacks and stacks
Sometimes you might need to carry multiple meals home – either because you have guests over or because you are just especially hungry. This is were the Indonesian StaPack comes in. StaPack is short for Stackable Packaging and this is where it shines. Any number of separate meals can be stacked and carried with only one handle.

All in one
A hamburger with French fries is THE classic fast food item. By now, the printed paper bag it comes in can probably be considered a classic as well. All the more reason to look at a more modern alternative: The TOGO BURGER by designer Seulbi Kim allows you to carry the complete meal including the burger, fries and a drink with one practical handle. The whole package is made from one piece of cardboard that just needs to be folded into shape.