“Success favours the brave“: This is how Digitaldruck-Kongress 2017 can be described. In cooperation with Bundesverband Druck und Medien (bvdm) and its regional associations we organized this congress revolving around the latest developments in the field of digital printing on 6 February 2017. Therefore, we made CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf a hotspot for 250 entrepreneurs and industry experts. During interesting panels, the renowned speakers shared experiences and best practices covering successful concepts, sustainable business models, smart investment decisions and innovative workflows. After bdvm’s Dr. Paul Albert Deimel welcomed the guests, drupa Director Sabine Geldermann kicked off a day full of enlightening insights with an outlook on drupa 2020.


This is How the Participants Joined Digitaldruck-Kongress

The bottom line of all presentations was that digital printing is changing our industry rapidly, forcing all players to react instantly. Discussing and networking with other professionals at a platform like the congress is essential to compete in the market. This is why we interviewed the participants about why they attended the Digitaldruck-Kongress and to find out how they think this sector will evolve in the future.

Oliver Curdt, Executive President, Verband Druck + Medien Nord-West


“Digitaldruck-Kongress 2017 was a suitable showcase for the importance of the digital transformation in our industry. It underlined that many companies are already well-positioned and tackling the challenges, with creative ideas and the latest technologies. What makes this event so special is that all speakers are also users giving insights in their work practice. Nearly 250 participants showed the huge interest and the practical relevance of Digitaldruck-Kongress. The German Druck + Medien associations add value to the printing industry not only with training digital printing professionals and other offers, but also with this congress. By hosting the Digitaldruck-Kongress, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH proves once again to be a first-class conference venue.”

David Kühn, Sales New Business, Obility GmbH


“Digitaldruck-Kongress was a top event characterized by the sum of all its experienced and successful digital printing specialists. All participants agreed that the importance of digital printing is about to grow above-average due to digital transformation. Especially the automation and networking of humans and machines are supporting this growth – be it receiving an order or processing the after sales. After all, the processing costs in total are coming to the customer’s fore more and more rather than the product’s price. This is why our participation was a full success: With our e-business system we offer a solution based exactly on these changing consumer demands.“

Birgit Cholewa, Chairman, Ausbildungszentrum Polygrafie e.V. im Technologie Centrum Chemnitz


“Digital printing is still at the very beginning when it comes to the education sector. But in the long run it is going to catch on. The reason why I came to Digitaldruck-Kongress is to find out what direction this branch is heading. Digital processes are constantly gaining ground. This will have a lasting effect on the profiles for apprentices. In the future, data handling, workflows and automation solutions will be key teaching fields. For us, digitization means an upheaval, just as for the entire printing industry.“

Michael Abt, Managing Partner, ABT Print und Medien GmbH


“There are many interesting developments in the field of digital printing – especially when it comes to inkjet processes. Nevertheless the costumer’s will not demand for this explicitly. They do not care how processes work as long as quality and price are right. This is why inkjet is not a solution for our industry yet. Inkjet can only win through when machines run properly, guarantee lasting quality and produce economically. Then inkjet is going to be a real alternative to established techniques. Digitaldruck-Kongress provides an overview on the status quo of this field and currently used models. The practical test will finally show which one of these should be followed up.”

Birgit Knabe, Media Designer, Druckhaus Bohnetiketten


“Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to join drupa 2016. This is why I attended Digitaldruck-Kongress to catch up on the developments in the field of digital printing as a representative for our print house. Most of our clients have an industrial background. So, it is essential for us to go along with new trends and developments. This is the only way to ensure colour precision and quality and meet the demands of our customers. Thus, we adapt to digital printing methods gradually.“

Wolfgang Totzauer (right), Consultant for the Graphic Industry (Technology and Environment), printXmedia Süd GmbH


“In Germany, quality come first, a technology’s use is still left standing when it comes to digital printing. No wonder that the main discussions still revolve around the same topics as 15 years ago. The basic understanding has to change. But digital printing processes increasingly win thanks to improved IT solutions. Finally, companies jump on the bandwagon ‘digital printing’ without sufficient information or a properly planned strategy. This is what I experienced during my consultancy work. I recommend to first generate new ideas and a strategy before searching for matching tools. Overall, this was the consensus of Digitaldruck-Kongress.”

Keep on Wachting the Digital Printing Market

We thank all lecturers of Digitaldruck-Kongress for their in-depth look on the status quo of the digital printing area. Furthermore we are very pleased with the support of Canon Deutschland GmbH, Electronics For Imaging, Inc., HP Deutschland GmbH, Koenig & Bauer AG, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Obility GmbH, Papier Union GmbH and Xeikon.

The amazing feedback on the Digitaldruck-Kongress shows, how relevant this topic is for our entire industry. Additionally, it confirms us in monitoring further developments in this sector. We are looking forward to what digital printing holds for the future!

What do you think: Which developments in digital printing will be made over the upcoming years?

Cover picture & picture of Sabine Geldermann: Constanze Tillmann
Picture of Oliver Curdt: VDMNW
Picture of Birgit Knabe: Private