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Olo – the smartphone 3D printer

When looking at all the apps that help us get organized, loose weight, navigate and connect, it’s easy to think: Smartphones can do anything. But 3D printing? The sophisticated technology that was decades in the making before it became mainstream? Well, as it turns out, yes, even 3D printing.

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Humanitarian Aid through 3D Printing

drupa blog article about humanitarian aid

Eric James and his team from Field Ready use modern 3D printing technology for their humanitarian aid work all around the globe. By printing required items and objects right in the disaster areas, they want to create a more efficient, cheaper and sustainable way of helping.

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Additive Manufacturing Bridges Gaps

MX3D, a Dutch robotics firm, 3D-printed a functional stainless steel bridge for pedestrians in Amsterdam’s red light district. The production took half a year, but the end result is so much more than a simple bridge.

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