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Additively: A B2B platform for 3D printing

While large companies like GE can afford to build their own 3D printing facilities, small and medium-size companies are often reluctant to take the risk. For good reasons: The technology is still developing and today’s state-of-the-art printers may be out-of-date a few years from now. wants to connect 3D printing service providers with SMEs who are in need of rapid prototyping or small series production.

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Covestro’s Biobased Polymer Makes Sustainable 3D Printing Possible

In an effort to provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic and create a greener future, the German materials manufacturer Covestro has teamed up with companies like JuggerBot 3D, TA Systems and DSM Additive Manufacturing. Together, they have created a new, more sustainable PA410 polymer and conducted an extensive Life Cycle Analysis.

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3D Printing Against the Food Waste Crisis

Food waste and additive manufacturing are two important developments in the recent years. The first a shocking crisis, the latter a solution for a variety of problems and challenges. Two Dutch students made the two cross paths now and upcycle unwanted food into 3D-printed luxurious snacks.

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