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Is It Possible To Redefine Print in a Digital Era?

In our digital era, it’s getting harder for brands to capture their consumer’s attention. The days of one-dimensional campaigns and classical multimedia strategies are slowly coming to an end in favour of omnichannel communications allowing to redefine print in a digital era.

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Future Links CW 18 – Multichannel Edition

Virtual reality

This edition of our Future Links is all about multichannel solutions, virtual reality and apps. Read all about how Amazon helps choosing an outfit, people can touch the virtual, an app turns data into holograms, to use television ads the best and what the classic game snake is looking now.

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drupa Global Insights report – The Impact of the Internet on Print

The last 15 years has seen the arrival of digital technologies and an ever-increasing proportion of communications is now digital not analogue. It is important to examine how print companies across the globe have adapted. We asked the printing company members of our drupa expert panel to participate in a survey on the impact of the Internet on print. See the results.

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