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3D Printing Coral Homes for Algae

A research team from Cambridge University and the University of California San Diego has found a way to more effectively utilize the symbiosis of coral structures and microalgae, creating new light-harvesting approaches to cultivate algae. These developments could easily help preserving the ecosystem coral reef in the future.

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Demonstrating Innovation at dna – drupa next age 2020: Advanced Manufacturing

Print is not just print. The technology has gone far beyond its original usage and has spread its feelers into other industries such as medicine, pharma, architecture, or nutrition. What is possible today, and what are the opportunities for tomorrow? These are the kinds of questions that dna – drupa next age 2020 will both approach and showcase at the upcoming drupa.

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Future Links CW 17 – Green Printing Edition


This week we could not talk about green printing methods without mentioning the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s biocompatible material made from apple waste, self-sufficient 3D-printed homes by PassivDom, the Center for Engineering Complex Tissues, HP’s Latex Inks and SAXOPRINT’s sustainable collective printing approach.

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Future Links April 18th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature 3D printing and the future of fashion, growth expectations for the functional printing market, Sensient’s versatile digital inks for textiles, McDonalds using 3D printed characters in new ad, Graphene 3D’s research success with mysterious partner, QuadTech’s plans for drupa 2016 and new on the drupa blog: NASA scientists take bioprinting to new heights.

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