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Meganews kiosk prints news on demand

Newspaper and magazine publishers have been exploring new concepts to bridge the digital world and the world of tangible print products. A noteworthy innovation: Meganews developed a print-on-demand newsstand that delivers magazines directly to the customer. It thus reduces returned copies and saves resources for publishers and retailers. By printing only the copies that are actually bought, Meganews also lowers the environmental impact of newsprint.

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Printed textiles on demand

Google asked for T-shirts with 11 different printed characters featured in its Androidify campaign. Time to delivery: 2 hours. Garment Printing, an industry leader in personalized and customized clothing, took on the challenge. Their use of digital textile printers reflects a growing trend within the industry.

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#PrintingProfessions: Industry Master Print Media

Printing Professions

You’re a true organisational talent, like to take the lead and can advise customers optimally according to their needs? If that applies to you, the profession of a print media industry master is just the right thing for you! In this blog article, you will find all important information about this #PrintingProfession.

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drupa Essentials of Print: Alvise Cavallari

With our recurring drupa Essentials of Print series, we deliver a series of articles, from designers, brand owners, printers, converters, journalists and influencers, providing them with a platform to share their opinions on the latest developments of the print industry.

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