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Trendspotting in the Digital Printing Industry: drupa at Digitaldruck-Kongress 2017

In cooperation with Bundesverband Druck und Medien (bvdm) and its regional associations we organized the Digitaldruck-Kongress 2017 revolving around the latest developments in the field of digital printing on 6 February 2017. Therefore, we made CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf a hotspot for 250 entrepreneurs and industry experts. During interesting panels, the renowned speakers shared experiences and best practices covering successful concepts, sustainable business models, smart investment decisions and innovative workflows.

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Mimaki and the Future of Digital Textile Printing

Shorter runs, faster cycle times, more customized textile-based products for home and fast fashion – the textile market poses enormous requirements to its players, demanding big-scale printing solutions. With its newly launched Tiger-1800B direct-to-textile printer, printer-and-ink-company Mimaki reacts to these and foresees a bright future for digital textile printing.

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The digital transformation of industrial printing

Since ancient times, people around the world have been looking to beautify their environment and enrich their lives using decorations. They have used decorative glyphs, paintings, and written words in monochrome and color to reflect their lifestyles and to communicate functional messages. Still today, innovators on worldwide basis always seek solutions for the deposition of decorative and functional materials on everyday objects and surfaces. The driving force behind these developments is the need to mass-produce printed items like books or packaged consumer goods from leading industry brands.

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Printing businesses can help prevent the digital dark age

In the past few days, the news has been teeming with warnings about the “digital dark age” and an impending loss of data, documents, and images. Frequent software upgrades and the uncertain downward compatibility contribute to the risk of data being lost. Printing businesses like Mikro + Repro AG that offer long-term data management through printing, scanning, microfilm and more can help prevent this.

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3D Printing Face Shields For Corona Crisis

3D printer

COVID-19 is bringing countries all around the world to a hold. It’s not just the virus itself that has healthcare professionals worried but rather the lack of medical instruments. A local Park Lake business has experimented to approach the healthcare crisis with the help of 3D printing.

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