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Major Key Accounts joining our Digital Adventure

Everything is different in 2021 but drupa remains the leading trade fair for the global print industry. Of course, we are especially proud to see the key players of print joining us for the virtual.drupa experience. In this article, they are telling you themselves why our digital expo is an absolute must for them!

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Future Links CW 1


Our very first future links in 2017 are all about trends in the printing industry. They give an outlook on drupa 2020, provide a forecast for the global 3D printing market and predict developments for the label and package printing industry. Additionally, they also look back on drupa 2016 and its great success.

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Future Links February 15th

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers an expected 3-billion-Euro milestone for the dye sublimation market, Foddjet’s printed meals for the elderly, Aldi Australia’s affordable 3D printers, Amcor’s perspective on plain tobacco packaging, Antalis’ new website for packaging and logistics customers, Dilli’s subsidiary in Europe and new on the drupa blog: Meganews kiosk prints news on demand.

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