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Packaging that heats itself

Convenience food has come a long way from the days when sandwiches, chocolate bars and potato chips were the only choices. Still, there are not too many options for warm, healthy and convenient meals or beverages that don’t involve a stop. HeatGenie now developed a self-heating solution that could take the concept of smart packaging to a new level.

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Future Links July 21st 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a wireless smart cap for milk cartons, new research on graphene inks for batteries, tips for switching suppliers for wide format digital inks, BASF’s work on artificial 3D printed skin, a partnership between Citizen Systems Europe and Datalogic, the challenges of structural packaging innovation and a debate about who decides what paper to use.

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Future Links CW 39


In this week’s future links you gain fresh insights in the printing industry with Amazon’s new printing service, 3D printed glasses with Yuniku, the carbon neutral rating for BrunelPrint, UV offset inks by Toyo Ink, and a tribute to paper by Antalis.

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Electrospray could revolutionize 3D printing

Receiving a five-year, 500,000 USD grant from the National Science Foundation's most prestigious program for early-career researchers is quite an accomplishment. And Paul Chiarot has ambitious plans to use this money to revolutionize 3D printing. His work may lead to a profound shift in manufacturing technology, one that could improve devices for energy production, healthcare and security. Chiarot developed an electrospray technique that dissolves tiny particles in a solvent and applies them to various surfaces.

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