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Water Instead of Ink: Is this the Future of Printing?


Our digitalized world gives us the opportunity to save money and resources by organizing tasks on a computer. But according to a study carried out by the German Ministry of Environment Germans use about 250 kg paper per year and capita. A Chinese team of scientists has now developed a smart and resource-efficient alternative: Rewritable paper that can be printed on with water instead of ink.

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drupa celebrates 65 years: Back to the future of print

Flying cars and hoverboards? Many of the unlikely predictions for the year 2015, made in the 1989 blockbuster movie Back to the Future II, proved incorrect. But it got at least one thing right: people are, indeed, still reading printed newspapers as we are about to celebrate 65 years of drupa. Gearing up towards this 16th edition, we invite you to get in that imaginary modified DeLorean - and go way back to the future of print.

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