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Inkjet prints liquid metal for wearables

In many cases manufacturing techniques are not yet advanced enough to fully realize the potential of a new interconnected world. Researchers at Purdue University are attempting to change that. They are harnessing inkjet printing technology to create devices made of liquid alloys printed onto pliable, stretchable surfaces.

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Vaporized metals serve as inks

Scientists at the Center for Nanoscale Systems have found a way to coat objects with an extremely thin layer of semiconductor that shines in vivid colors from bright pink to deep blue. This coating could replace paint in certain circumstances since it does not add any significant amount of weight and does not alter the flexibility of the substrate.

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Best Practice: Towards Circularity in Strapping Technology and Transport Security Solutions

To meet the demands of today's world, the plant and mechanical engineering industry is gearing up their businesses for establishing a circular economy and higher levels of sustainability. But politics must also play its part to enable the industry to keep working on new solutions.

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