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Invisible inks to guard against counterfeits

Forged products are a cause for concern across all sectors. They are especially nefarious in the pharmaceutical industry where counterfeit products, due to sub-standard quality, may pose severe health risk to consumers. No wonder that the search for solutions is intensifying. Two groups of researchers from China and Spain now made important contributions to the arsenal of anti-counterfeit measures with new inks.

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Silk ink detects bacteria

In hospitals and doctor’s offices, keeping surfaces and clothes free from bacteria is paramount. Yet it is not always easy to detect where microorganisms hide. Researchers at Tufts University have found a way to address the problem with the help of an inkjet printer and a new kind of bioactive ink.

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Vaporized metals serve as inks

Scientists at the Center for Nanoscale Systems have found a way to coat objects with an extremely thin layer of semiconductor that shines in vivid colors from bright pink to deep blue. This coating could replace paint in certain circumstances since it does not add any significant amount of weight and does not alter the flexibility of the substrate.

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