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Why Printed Interior Is A Promising Market

printed interior

With all our exciting success stories of the advancements in functional printing, there is still one area that we haven’t yet gotten into: printed interior! In this field of application, printers have to follow different rules that we summarize in our article.

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How a 3D printed innovation wins awards for a start-up

Felix Kochbeck is a passionate snowboarder. But whenever he filmed his most thrilling moments with a small action camera, the results fell short of his expectations. There was too much camera movement, which gave the films an amateurish look. He then decided to go the do-it-yourself-route and develop a self-stabilizing handheld camera mount using 3D printing technology.

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Printed walls with eyes and ears

A smart home where all appliances are connected and seamlessly work together has long been a vision touted by the software and hardware industries. But in reality, few homes are smart enough to even react to simple commands. A research team from Singapore is working on improving the situation. They developed printed wallpaper with sensors and microphones that can interact with people and support them when needed.

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Future Links November 26th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the first 3D printed part in space, FESPA’s Print Inspiration Rally, a new online platform for textile printing, system-agnostic managed print services, the rising demand for UV/EB technologies, an innovation software that helps packaging manufacturer to shorten its time to market.

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Fashion Brand H&M Follows The Trend to Individualize Merchandise And Develops Global Digital Printing Platform

Whether in clothing or in the interior design of one's own home – more and more people appreciate personalized merchandise and want to be involved in the design of a product. H&M Group Business Ventures is responding to this trend by developing a new global digital printing platform for the merchandise industry: Creator Studio, an on-demand printing service.

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[Guest Article] Sustainability at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION: Top Industry Congress plus Trade Fair


PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, PDC, which takes place on October 20 and 21 in Düsseldorf, wires together all important topics of the graphics industry with the advantages of the formats trade fair, congress and networking: eight theme worlds, four parallel lecture series every day with 48 lectures and workshops and over 60 exhibitors. Sustainability is a main topic with 6 presentations on both days. 

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