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A company makes recycling warm and fuzzy

The start-up Thread in Pittsburgh has developed a model that gets plastic bottles off the streets and back into the economy and provides income for families in need. The company collects the bottles, turns them into fabric filament and fiber spun into yarn and knitted or woven into fabrics.

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The Print and Paper Industries in The Face of Supply Chain Challenges

The printing segment has always been coping with supply chain pressures. With energy prices now skyrocketing, the industry is facing a new challenge. The shortage of paper in Europe has caused mill shutdowns and curtailments and some businesses are even on the verge of closing. How is the sector grappling with the energy crisis and other industry challenges?

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Best Practice: Towards Circularity in Strapping Technology and Transport Security Solutions

To meet the demands of today's world, the plant and mechanical engineering industry is gearing up their businesses for establishing a circular economy and higher levels of sustainability. But politics must also play its part to enable the industry to keep working on new solutions.

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