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Printed trees provide renewable energy

Energy needs are constantly growing and trees are still being chopped down for firewood in many parts of the world. Scientists at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are turning this approach around. Instead of harvesting trees, they are printing artificial trees to harvest energy from the environment. The trees consist of wood-based 3D printed stems and printed solar cells as leaves.

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Future Links January 21st

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature young professionals using print for education, Xaar recruiting Neil Hopkinson to head their new 3D printing team, an EU consortium reducing chemicals for textile printing, robotics and 3D printing combined for repairing roads, print manufacturers becoming marketing services providers, investors exploring 3D printing and scanning startups in India and new on the drupa blog: Printed trees provide renewable energy.

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Future Links CW 17 – Green Printing Edition


This week we could not talk about green printing methods without mentioning the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s biocompatible material made from apple waste, self-sufficient 3D-printed homes by PassivDom, the Center for Engineering Complex Tissues, HP’s Latex Inks and SAXOPRINT’s sustainable collective printing approach.

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Sustainability and the printing industry

Economic concerns, technological threat and uncertain futures have contributed to a crisis of confidence in print. Throw in rapidly changing market expectations and media choices, and you have an industry that’s been on the back foot for several years. But a reversal is underway. Print is reinventing itself to be more vibrant than ever, an energetic force in a multichannel communications world.

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