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Packaging design software aims to reduce prototyping

Designing and creating effective packaging solutions is usually a fairly fragmented process with different kinds of software being used at different stages from creation to production. This can lead to inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Often, design flaws only become obvious fairly late in the process. Software maker Creative Edge has now developed a solution that addresses these issues.

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DATEV Auszubildende entwerfen Kochbuch

Auf der diesjährigen PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION haben wir neben den großen Highlight-Projekten auch viele spannende Projekte an den Ständen der Aussteller entdeckt. Eine dieser Entdeckungen machten wir bei DATEV, deren Auszubildende im DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center die Möglichkeit haben, ein Druckmedium völlig eigenständig zu gestalten. Über das Ergebnis der Aufgabe hat DATEV einen Gastbeitrag für uns geschrieben: ein nachhaltiges Kochbuch!

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Towards End Products, The Visions of 3D Printing – Interview with Odeta and Ap, Co-Founders of Vulkaza

Away from spare parts, towards end products: There is an ongoing revolution in the 3D printing industry. Vulkaza and its 3D print on-demand platform envision the bright future of 3D printing and manufacture in which the community spirit is also included. What’s more, the start-up Vulkaza makes the creators’ ideas come true, supports local product production and thereby has a share in ecological resilience. Odeta and Ap, co-founders of Vulkaza and 3D printing gurus, throw light on the evolution of 3D printing, analyze the current market and foresee the potentials of on-demand 3D printing exclusively in our interview.

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