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Crossing the finish line – a Cinderella story

Post-press binding and finishing in commercial print, packaging, sign & display graphics and other sectors will be a key attraction at drupa 2016. As they say, it isn’t finished until it is finished … and for many companies, there are still significant opportunities for improving throughput and productivity as well as reducing costs in their post-press departments.

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Brand new perspectives in packaging print

How products are judged by their many differing attributes will determine the extent to which they build market share on an ongoing basis. Prior to that, however, it will probably be the outside of the pack. Today’s packaging trends are driven by longer supermarket opening hours, continually enhanced print technologies and capabilities and demand to protect brands and increase recognition. A guest article by Des King.

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Future Links October 30th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature HP’s plans for a 3D printer, EFI’s acquisition of ink technology, laser-printed living organisms, a growing market for flexible packaging in the Asia-Pacific region, Graphene batteries, a new glow-in-the dark label and Mirri’s fully recyclable metallized board.

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