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3D Printed Meatballs Are Served at IKEA’s Job Interview

There can be no doubt that meatballs at IKEA are as iconic as the world’s largest furniture retailer on its own. The Swedish home furnishing company has just launched its recruitment campaign “Taste the Future“ and thereby it is scouting data scientists, software developers and engineers by inviting them over to have 3D printed meatballs. The question on everybody’s lips is why IKEA started to 3D print the meatballs. What is the connection between plant-based meat in the shape of a ball and a job interview?

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5 Exciting Examples Of Augmented And Virtual Reality In Print

Augmented and virtual reality has made its way into the print industry since 2016. At our last drupa trade show, it was still a future technology to watch, but by now, it has established a strong foothold in our industry. With these five examples or AR and VR in print, we want to show you why we are so fascinated by the options these technologies provide.

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Print Museums Are Opening Their Virtual Doors

Museums, much like our beloved print industry, can easily fall prey to becoming perceived as “old”, “antiquated” and “boring”. But with the help of 3D printing and virtual reality, this is about to change! It appears only right that a print technology now provides a chance to revive and add a new dimension to your average museum visit.

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Future Links CW 28: Augmented Reality Edition

augmented reality

Here comes a special edition of our future links featuring the latest news on augmented reality. Find out all about AR pups, the challenges for VR and Pokémon Go, but also why this sector experiences a gold rush and how governments offer financial support for its further development.

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